Created a natural line of «home remedies» . WITHOUT CLAMP – No Clamp

A plastic artist dedicated to teaching you and a therapist holistic merged visions to develop its own brand of natural cosmetics and medicinal. With the aim of bringing an alternative to health problems of everyday life – from a sore muscle to a burn-in, they created a product agro-ecological, natural and craft under their brand: Yvyra.

It was the birth of his first son, the shutter-release button through which partner is proposed to take a lore that seemed to be forgotten, the medicine through the cultivation of plants. «We decided that we didn’t want the baby was toxic, nothing with preservatives or artificial flavorings, taking care of both your skin as their food. So it was that we started to inform us to be able to make our own products,» explained Natalia Cavazza-to-Point Biz.

Is born then a stage of experimentation, search recipes, access and store new information. This pushes them to consolidate their own cultivation of medicinal plants and, eventuamente, create your first batch of products. With time will emerge the idea to project outward and start selling what is produced.

With a range of products, agro-ecological, free of synthetic dyes or artificial flavors, they also a type of planting and harvest biodynamic. All of these care are part of a vision to offer as an extra service: to disseminate information on the benefits and uses of plants, interesting to your audience in a style of life and consumption.

From shampoo rosemary and nettle for dandruff and hair fall to medicinal ointments calendula, rejuvenating the skin, healing, anti-inflammatory, through deodorants, water, toothpaste and ointments analgesic.

Currently, the enterprise sells through the web page, where it is possible to pay with credit and debit cards. Its fan page of Facebook and the special fairs in Rosario and Funes are two great avenues of trade and diffusion. Also have a presence through some natural areas as «Marie warehouse-natural and organic,» in Funes and «Soul alive», a clinical oncology comprehensive in Rosario.

«We can see the acceptance and gratitude on the part of our customers and that motivates us to continue, to expand and grow. That’s why for the future we want to incorporate other medicinal plants, taking care also of the cultivation of the same as until now, also create new products and endeavor to expand across the country,» concluded the entrepreneur.

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