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There are a few days ago, the consumer association UFC-que choisir épinglait publicly 419, cosmetic products containing potentially toxic compounds , and the general public were to discover suddenly the long list of harmful elements contained in the beauty products.

A few days after, the seven personalities from the world of ecology are examining their hair : the analysis of the strands of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Isabelle Autissier, Delphine Batho, José Bové, Nicolas Hulot, Yannick Jadot and Marie-Monique Robin reveals the presence of traces of pesticides, phthalates, and bisphenols (the laboratory has sought only four types of chemicals). It comes to endocrine disruptors.

Sulfates, glycol ethers, triclosan, aluminum salts, parabens, triclosan, alkyphénols… If these names tell you nothing, you apply yet probably these substances every day on the face.

What to do to prevent these toxic substances ?

«You’re going to have to do the sorting ! «comments on the Well site In and of Itself, recommends to check what you have in your bathroom.

Solution : buy better quality by searching for the label Ecocert. Yet another : jump finally the not and make your own beauty products, soaps, shampoos, creams for the body, deodorants, toothpastes, perfumes, scrubs, bars, massage, spray bath…

This is what you propose to do the book Cosmetic solid, recently published with the editions The Beach. We read it for you.

Cosmetic strong (must-yourself, healthy, vegan and natural) - Vegactu 1

For the hair

Shampoo — mango butter, henna and chamomile, powder of hibiscus, shikakai (an indian plant that looks like acacia), the calendula (or marigold), or more classically to the coconut oil — supplemented as an after-shampoo-by-two masks (powder orange aryuvédique, ‘sesame oil and henna) and a treatment without rinsing the cocoa butter.

Cosmetic strong (must-yourself, healthy, vegan and natural) - Vegactu 2
The shikakai

For the body and face

Three know rather seductive (shea butter, sesame oil, almond oil) and a deodorant with the essential oil of palmarosa are assorted breads and bars cleaning special facial, an eye treatment with immortelle and a serum cocoa butter.

Cosmetic strong (must-yourself, healthy, vegan and natural) - Vegactu 3

Other products

In addition to the toothpaste and bars of massage, you will learn to make products for the bath : bombs, bath melts, bath scrubs, sugar cane, or coffee grounds.

Cosmetic strong (must-yourself, healthy, vegan and natural) - Vegactu 4Cosmetic strong (must-yourself, healthy, vegan and natural) - Vegactu 5

A flat

We regret that these revenues are directed ostensibly only to women, as seen in the following titles : «Shampoo illuminator for blondes «, » shampoo to the powder of hibiscus for brunettes «. Note to the author and the publisher : the men wash their hair too, they too are blond, brown or any other natural coloration, and many of them care about the quality of the products that they use in their bathroom… good advice, of course.

We have the same reservations about the designation of the third soap : «Soap 100% girl sweet almond oil «. A soap that happens to be… pink in color. Without comment, especially when it is seen that no cosmetic is intended for the private parts of female, a beauty product yet indispensable, the only one who would authorize the designation of 100% woman.

A pity to see these defects in a book that was also well done.

Where to get the raw materials ?

On the excellent website but also on, or

Cosmetic strong (must-yourself, healthy, vegan and natural) - Vegactu 6
Cast your cosmetics in trays muffin

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Details :


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