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Sure, if you stop to carefully read the ingredients of any of your facial creams or body, more than half of them are unpronounceable and not even know what they are. In the great majority of it is silicones, glycols, oils, and parabens that do not otherwise clog the pores of our skin or create a matting and lack of volume in our hair.

Therefore, one of the trends on the rise in the world of cosmetics is to opt for natural products and biological, not only to be respectful of our skin, but also with the environment. In addition, thanks to the boom that has experienced this sector in recent years, lthe quantity of bio-products that we can find in the market is practically comparable to that of the rest of firms, conventionaland, therefore, any product of personal care or hygiene, it can be replaced by its equivalent biological without any problem.

Don’t you think so? Discover with us all that natural cosmetics can do for you!

Our favorites

  • Lip Rouge à la Folie Beautiful: This gorgeous lipstick matte red will bring your side more sensual. Both this product as well as all of the signature Beautiful are vegan and cruelty free, which makes it the perfect choice for all lovers of makeup committed to the environment and animal rights. Where do you find them? Are only available in a Beautiful Box, the box monthly beauty most complete on the market.
  • Mask Aura manuka honey of Antipodes: Moisturizes and repairs the skin, thanks to its balancing effect. In addition, thanks to the antibacterial properties of manuka honey, helps to improve skin blemishes and is very useful for skins with a tendency to acne.
  • Stone of alum Naay Botanicals: Is the alternative more natural deodorant. Contains No aluminum chlorohydrate, alcohol or perfume. Its active principle, instead of masking the smell, prevent it, leaving a layer of minerals on the skin that destroy the bacteria which cause the bad odor associated with the sweat.
  • Toothpaste Urtekram: This toothpaste-peppermint is formulated based on ingredients of natural origin 100%, with a large percentage of them coming from organic farming. In addition to the essential oils to make brushing a pleasant experience with a natural flavor.
  • Nail polishes from Kure Bazaar (tone Hipster): All of the polishes from Kure Bazaar are formulated in an environmentally friendly way, free of toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates, and with a notable reduction of chemicals, which have been replaced to the maximum by vegetable matter.
  • Micellar water of Harmony Bio: This micellar water cleanser is formulated to base of leaves of lemon balm, which tone the skin, and water plant of sauco, which contributes to the regeneraración of the same. It is ideal for removing makeup face and eyes, mainly in sensitive skins and with tendency to irritation and redness.
  • Conditioner artichoke and quinoa Green People: quinoa is a protein without gluten-containing eight essential amino acids necessary for the care of the skin, preserving hydration. So this is a hair care ideal for dry hair and dry, encrespados and brittle.
  • Shampoo olive oil, nettle and thyme Henna Brown: This shampoo is ideal for brittle hair, as it will prevent their fall and active the blood circulation of the scalp. No parabens or silicones.
  • Body scrub revitalizing Freshly Cosmetics: this Is an exfoliant formulated with base powder of bamboo and raspberry seed, help us to detoxify the skin, improving its texture and promoting cell renewal.
  • Night cream a Balancing of Neo Bio: Provides a balance of long-term for mixed skin, thanks to the oil of seed apricot and hibiscus. In addition, it contains shea butter, bio oil, soy bio and cocoa butter that give the skin the hydration necessary during the night.
  • Shampoo volume honey beer Logona: Ideal for hair brittle and thin. It is formulated with beer, acacia honey and calendula from certified organic cultivation. Gives volume, elasticity, brightness and vitality immediately.
  • Eye pencil from Benecos: Since the eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of the face, it is nice to find in the market eyeliners in format pen like this one from Benecos, which allows us to make up and outline the eyes without the use of synthetic fibers, paraffins, silicones, formaldehyde, toluenos, phthalates, camphor, preservatives or perfumes harmful.
  • Eye contour of Matarrania: This contour eyes with calendula and chamomile, protects, moisturizes in depth and regenerates, softening the expression lines. Suitable for even the most sensitive skins, as it does not include preservatives, parabens or synthetic perfumes and is not tested on animals.
  • Lotion for face and neck Cosmoética: it Is a good help to awaken the beauty of healthy skin each morning. It has a high power revitalising, so it is recommended to use it before the shower or washing the face with warm water.
  • Hand cream regenerating with pomegranate from Weleda: This hand cream regenerating with pomegranate softens and hydrates the area, penetrating quickly without leaving you feeling greasy. In its composition we find ingredients that are as natural as oil of sesame, beeswax, and natural essential oils.
  • Cleaner bio-regenerating Saps Gold Yipsophilia: it Is a powerful cleanser that respects and nourishes the skin in depth. Is intensively the premature aging of the skin, thanks to its high content in polyphenols and resveratrol, which helps to combat the formation of free radicals.
  • Stick concealer Dr Hauschka: Within the line of makeup from Dr Hauschka found this stick concealer, formulated on basis of medicinal plants, which not only covers the imperfections and impurities but also treats them, soothing the skin and nutriéndola in depth.

Where to buy?

At the time of acquiring these products don’t always have it so easy as with the rest of the traditional and cosmetic, especially if we do not live in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona, so opt for pproducts beauty bio or organic crops can become a headache if you do not know where to acquire them.

Luckily, the solution is to be found in the online shops, in which you can buy without leaving your home and receive our favorite products at the door without having to worry about absolutely nothing else. Do you want to know our favorite sites of natural cosmetics (all made in Spain)? I present them!

  • Vita 33: this Is a web site which was born with the intention of bringing consumers to natural cosmetics and ecological, which are not easy to find or, on the contrary, they can only be purchased in sales channels where your potential consumers do not feel at all identified, as herbal or food stores alternative. But not only the cosmetic is accommodated in Vita33, but also put at our disposal a large variety of food brands and snacks that will delight the lovers of the more natural.
  • Cocunat: it Was one of the first online shops in the world specialized in natural cosmetics, 100% healthy and toxic free. Created in Spain in 2013, now has an extensive catalog of more than 60 brands, thousands of references and presence in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden and Spain.
  • Admires Cosmetics: Admires Cosmetics are defined as a large family of passionate organic cosmetics, because they lead from the year 2009 approaching this kind of beauty products to consumers. Have a lot of variety of products and firms, and the shipments are always free.

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