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The AFIP updated the categories of over three million monotributistas. The group of companies Gestara launched a new campaign to highlight that it is a redistribution of income is detrimental to workers and the most vulnerable

After that the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) will increase the costs of the monotax, the Group of Social Enterprises and Worker self-managed (Gestara) launched the campaign #MonotributoEsTrabajo, in order to give visibility to those who paid this tax does not have remuneration committee to change and who are most helpless against the State.

Last December, Gestara had proposed that, instead, the equivalent of the proceeds of the increase to the monotax out paid by the agribusiness, the banks, the game, or mining.

Mariano Mariani, secretary of that organization and engineer in the Cooperative Ingecoop, explained to the Agency Solidarity (Ansol): “I pay 1.186 weights. With the cut in the consumption and investment in construction work, with the labor flexibility that suffer from engineering firms, we see that the low of work is a combo explosive. We pay more taxes for less work because the working conditions were pauperizadas on all sides.”

On the other hand, pointed out: “The social works increase 40% a year. The contribution of monotax should go to services. All monotributistas we are not receiving health service or coverage. Naturally we do not have fixed salary or vacation. The argument that for-profit workers, and increase the monotributistas seems to indicate that the monotributistas we are not workers. My wife has two guys in her social work and pays more for a lower category than mine only for the contribution to the social work. To have the lower plan of Medicus or Galen we pay seven thousand pesos per month additional to the monotax. If the actual coverage is worth that, it’s ridiculous of monotax has 300 pesos. The adjustment should be to the social works”.

“The flow tax falls on the workers, and is removed to the corporations,” concluded Mariani.


A worker for the social enterprise, Grass Good, dedicated to natural cosmetics, said that, in his case, the monotax is more a requirement of your work that support the development of your enterprise, while maintaining that “the increase is a hard hit in the pocket, without a doubt.”

“Collection of 11 thousand pesos, and the increase in passes to 704 pesos 1,006 pesos”, he explained.

Veronica Tenaglia, monotributista and accountant in the company social Dating, said that “the lowest category of monotax allows you to income up to seven thousand pesos per month, and therefore should be exempt from all tax, as the monotax social, given that such income clearly contribute to the livelihoods of a worker”.

Another case: “I Am monotributista and work 10 hours a day pay a tribute in exchange of nothing a shame”, picked up someone who gave his support during the campaign that Gestara took place in December.

David Garabito, accountant and treasurer of Gestara, added: “they Lowered the withholdings (to the agro-export sector) and by which low-income Status, they make up for with the tax increase of the monotributista to balance the tax revenue. This is a fantasy, part of a false premise: they believe that increased income and that is why we need to pay more”.


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