Consumers turks prefer the “natural” in cosmetics – TRT English

Bekir Şahin, the president of the Administrative Council of the Glohe, which produces things organic pointed out that consumers spend per month 61 liras for their own use and for the use of home spend about 137,4 lire a month.

In our country, in recent years, the sector started to occur natural soaps, shampoos, other products, hair care products, skin creams and skin care. On all production is carried out de soap and shampoo. Soaps from olive oil and laurel are among the products that are produced in large measure by the request.

Şahin pointed out that they if you are one of these companies that produce organic products and presenting to the market products that protect the environment, nature, compatible with the nature, ecological and in the subsequent process will continue to increase the portfolio of products.

“The organic products became important to consumers turks”

Şahin pointed out that as in the whole world, the consumers turks while they buy products from cosmetic products and personal care with attention to the influences of the brand to the environment and nature and be eco-friendly it becomes important for people.

“Consumers turks have the inclination to pay 21% more to natural products”

Bekir Şahin also shared the data of research conducted in the Marmara Region in 2015 in the framework of the inclinations of consumers in Turkey. According to the data, consumers turks first prefer cleaning products and personal care to “stay healthy”, and consumers who pay attention to the nature above all enlarge the market for soap and shampoo.


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