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A classic grandmother’s remedies, the coal plant was back in force (in cosmetics or as a food supplement). The point on the benefits with the naturopath Natasha Gunsburger.

The first mention of a medicinal use of charcoal dates back to Ancient times. Hippocrates recommended, in particular, against epilepsy and vertigo. We could then use the coal of mineral origin (ouch, anthracite) and of animal origin (os fees). Today, pharmacies and natural food stores offer only one of vegetable origin, made from wood (pine, oak, beech, willow), or shells (coconut, peanut).

This coal is said to be » activated «, or even «super-activated» because after having been crushed, it is bombarded with water vapour and air at very high temperature and under high pressure. This activation enables you to create networks of pores more or less large, which explains its power of absorption.

The powder of coal plant remains the most efficient form : it is rapidly absorbed by the intestine and can be taken in larger proportions. The tablets are convenient, especially for a one-time use. «If the coal of the Dr Belloc remains a reference point since 1950, it is worth mentioning the presence of ingredients that may be poorly tolerated, such as gelatin, glycerol, refined soybean oil, soya lecithin,» says Natacha Gunsburger.

A friend of bellies swollen and painful

The most widely known use of vegetable carbon activated ? The treatment of digestive disorders : diarrhea, gas, flatulence, irritable bowel, heartburn…

«To relieve these symptoms, dilute a tablespoon of powder charcoal activated in a large glass of water and drink this mixture three times per day, with a straw, to avoid the blackening of provisional language. Drink in parallel at least 1.5 l of water in the day, » advises naturopath.

But the charcoal activated other indications. It allows to fight bad breath. The dosage is 6 to 8 capsules per day for a week, to be taken with plenty of water.

More surprising, it also allows you to whiten your teeth : three times a week, dip a brush

teeth damp in coal powder, rub gently and rinse immediately.

More recently, many cosmetic brands have also introduced in their soaps, their scrubs and masks to make the skin oily and/or acne for its capacity of absorption and detoxification.

Note : thee charcoal activated is against-indicated in cases of severe constipation and should be taken three hours apart from drug treatments, under penalty of cancelling their effect (train station to the pill, especially…).

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