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Thee appointment on Saturday afternoon, in the heart of the library of Champigny, resembled a secret meeting, sabbath of the witches. It is true that the magic was there, in this workshop » learn how to make your own cosmetics «, in the company of Karine Touya, Workshops According to George, in Paris. The lesson of the day : the lip balm.

The announcement made by the team of the library was clear : «In response to the various scandals health affecting the production of cosmetics, this workshop, scheduled as part of Saturday of the Actu proposes to focus on forms available alternatives such as the slow cosmetics and manufacturing, DIY (do it yourself or do it yourself) «

Around the long table, twelve women and young girls, pre-registered, have followed for a good hour the advice of Karine Touya, with a background in cosmetology, natural and aromatherapy. «We can take care of yourself with products and simple recipes,» says the facilitator who warns against certain components of skin creams and other skincare and/or makeup. After the theory and questions, it was the hour of practice, with the design of a lip balm that » hydrate better than these tubes, which do not deposit a film on the lips «.


Impatient, the twelve trained laboratory technicians reproduce with care and attention to the stages of the manufacture, mixing turn-based and dose well determined in the shea butter, beeswax, vegetable oil, honey and essential oil » … «I was very interested in the slow cosmetics*,» says Lisa, 34 years old, I became aware during my second pregnancy and when I was told that my children had atopic skin. In fact, from the moment I put my skincare products house, they have really been a baby’s skin. «Myriam, 18 years old, she, think of the planet :» I am for the protection of the environment and my health. Cosmetics classic are bad for the skin and health. This workshop gave me the confidence idea to prepare myself… «

After an hour and a half, each participant had his own lip balm, full of tips and especially the desire to pursue the discovery.

Champigny is going to continue its thread of the year » Do it yourself «, by proposing a writing workshop for kids on 12 and 14 April, on reservation at the, and stories in common, on the 13th of may, on reservation at the

*Slow cosmetics : ecological approach and ethics based on a common desire to promote a mode of consumption of natural, healthy, and reasonable cosmetics. JABÓN NATURAL MÁLAGA COSMÉTICA NATURAL MÁLAGA

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