Can Mushroom Powder Protect Against Cancer? Top 6 Reasons To Add To Your diet

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Mushrooms are having a moment, and there’s a lot of reasons to consider adding them to your diet. Yet, many people avoid mushrooms because their texture turns their stomach. Informal surveys show that mushrooms are one of the most hated foods in America, but this fungal family promises you impressive health-benefits, like lower cancer risk, better-controlled blood-sugar, mood and energy elevation, and even less risk of heart-disease. What is Mushroom Powder?
Mushroom-powder is as simple as it sounds; it’s nothing more than dried mushrooms ground into an ultra-fine powder that’s usually almost tasteless.
Is mushroom powder less healthy than eating your fungi fresh? The drying process doesn’t compromise the potency or bioavailability of the mushroom’s nutrients. In fact, it increases their concentration so you get a better-benefit. As an example, fresh mushrooms have 4 IUs of Vitamin-D per serving, while dried can top 26 IUs. While every mushroom variety offers different health-benefits, there are some benefits that almost every type can provide. Those include the following. 1.Boost the Immune-System
A significant reason why many people consider consuming mushroom-powder is that many varieties can boost your immune-system. The details aren’t yet clear, but certain mushroom varieties seem capable of improving the functioning of white blood-cells and alter inflammation pathways to make them more effective against potential pathogens. 2.Promotes Heart Health
Mushroom powder is good for your cholesterol-levels, as preliminary research shows that it can increase the amount of “good” HDL cholesterol in your system. This can put you at less risk for heart-disease and potentially even heart attacks.
3.Helps Control Blood Sugar
If you struggle to lower your blood-sugar levels, then mushroom-powder might be what you need. Studies show that the molecules within many types of mushrooms can decrease blood sugar levels, at least in animals. There is also evidence that mushroom powder before eating a meal can prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking afterward. 4.Impressive Antioxidant Levels
Forget blueberries and spinach; mushroom-powder might be the new way for you to keep your antioxidant levels high. These molecules help prevent damage from occurring to your cells, and many reports show that medicinal mushrooms are high in antioxidants and they can enhance the body’s antioxidant status as well.
5.May Help Protect Against Cancer
shiitake mushrooms have been found to suppress leukaemia cell proliferation, the turkey tail mushroom possesses anti-tumor properties against many types of cancers and the reishi mushroom has been found to have anti-cancer effects whether used alone or in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
While you shouldn’t consider mushrooms a cure-all for fighting cancer, it stands to reason that incorporating mushroom powder into your daily routine can have a positive impact at preventing or managing a cancer-diagnosis. 6.Reduces Fatigue & Fights Depression
Many medicinal mushroom varieties are renowned for their ability to boost energy levels and reduce both physical and mental-fatigue. One study that looked specifically at people suffering from general exhaustion found that their symptoms improved dramatically after eight weeks of taking mushroom powder supplements. Cursos Cosmética Natural Málaga Talleres Jabones Naturales Málaga

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