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It might qualify as the fruit dry perfect as in the #nuts are quantities of very concentrated, essential nutrients for the body. Eating five walnuts per day are reduced by up to 35% the chances of suffering from a cardiovascular problem. Known above all for the benefits they provide for health, nuts are also very helpful as a remedy of beauty.

Medicinal properties

  • A great ally of the heart: helping to lower cholesterol, help reduce blood pressure and boost the good state of the blood vessels.
  • A natural anti-inflammatory: are recommended if you suffer from asthma, arthritis, skin atopic or psoriasis.
  • A powerful anti-cancer: in addition to prevent the appearance of malignant tumors, are credited with the ability to slow the multiplication of cancer cells.

Uses in cosmetics and in the home

The oil of walnuts is one of the remedies cosmetic more effective in combating the skin very dry and sensitive. As easy as adding to bath water two tablespoons of this oil along with other two almonds and another two of olive oil. It remains in the water for about fifteen minutes and the result will be a skin more hydrated and luminous.

Similarly, the decoction of the bark of walnut is obtained a liquid reddish-brown that has been used for years after washing to give a brown tone to the hair and even to get more powerful results can be used walnut shells green. Another of the uses to which it has been given to this fluid is that of suntan lotion, as it not only serves to dye the hair but also the skin.

Perhaps one of the aspects less known of the walnuts, along with its function as a natural cosmetic, it is your application to cover scratches in furniture. In this case, and always concerned of walnut wood, the only thing to do is to peel a green walnut and cut it in half. Once this is done rub the area deteriorated with the cut off part and little by little you will notice less the damage.

Elixir of youth

Due to its high dose of vitamin E, this food is ideal to slow down the process of aging of the skin and organs. Taking usually a handful of nuts covers a third of the amount of this antioxidant that is needed each day.

It is not by chance that in the Middle Ages it was believed that nuts, having a shape similar to the human brain, stimulating the brain and intelligence. Today, it is proven that this dry fruit helps increase memory and mental concentration. #healthy food #heart-healthy


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