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Inside the store Saks Fifth Avenue is located, hosted an art gallery very peculiar. Avery Perfume Gallery is the first gallery olfactory in Latin America, in place of paintings, sculptures, frescoes, and facilities, its walls and shelves are decorated with small bottles that contain some of the scents more complex, modern and multidimensional that are inspired by the natural world, and that they are the product of experiments crazy of a creative team that has as its center the quality.

For Celso Fadelli, president and curator of fragrances from Intertrade Group, a fragrance is like a good wine, but only the most savvy know how to recognize the best and to be able to become one, it is necessary to have a little bit of curiosity and never stop in their quest for more and better things. It is well known that the sense of smell is one of the most powerful, a few aromas transport us to the past and bring back hundreds of forgotten memories, and the task of the perfumer is to combine them and interpret them to create an experience that transcends trends and times.

All-in – Avery Perfume Gallery, from the small ceramic sculptures until the glass spheres that are located at strategic points of the space, is designed to make you appreciate up to the detail more subtle in their fragrance and do not end up saturated and lost among so many different odors. We had the opportunity to speak with Fiadelli, one of the creatives behind the gallery, about what inspires them, their favorite scents, and the future of perfumery, this is what she told us exclusively for GQ Mexico.

  • Why they chose to bring Avery to Mexico?

I think that Mexico is the gateway to Latin America, our concept is strongly connected with art and culture, and Mexico has a very deep connection with art and culture, and its people feel that same passion.

  • How do you select the fragrances that are going to have a place in every gallery around the world?

Well, we do not make a differentiation, what we try to do is adapt the style of the space, but the selection of fragrances is much the same. Of course you can focus or try to reach different types of people, one of the good things of this space is that here you can enter a mom of 45 years with his son of 18, and all are going to find a fragrance, trying to create a democratic space in which everyone can fall in love with a fragrance.

  • What inspires you, where does the creation for a fragrance?

The basic inspiration is the project, it is like when you build a house, you can build a villa, you can build a condo, or you can build something totally different, so if I have to create a collection for let’s say Andrée Putman (one of the designers of interiors, the most important of the last century, who designed the interiors of the Hotel Ritz of Paris) you should start by understanding who is the person next to her (Putman), begin to create a collection that takes inspiration from scents that remind you of your father, and every time that we mentioned the perfume she commented that her father was a “formidable man” and from that came the name of the fragrance.

  • What is the most important thing to consider when choosing a fragrance?

I think there is a moment when you perceive a fragrance this goes up to your brain, you don’t have time to think, or comment if this is the fragrance for you, you enter in a state of shock and just know that what you just to smell you like and it is for you.

I know people who have more than a thousand bottles of perfume and use a different fragrance every day. I really think that’s the perfect way to wear a perfume is like when you open your closet and choose what you’re going to get the weather or how you feel that day, some days you need something more obscure; others, something more colorful, the same goes with perfumes, you must find the fragrance to go with the day, how you feel or your mood, the perfume makes you feel different.

The idea of a single perfume for your life comes from the times in which the countries were poor and the perfumes were very expensive, you kept the bottle, and you only had a few drops because you didn’t know if you could buy another later, today we have more options.

  • How many fragrances you currently have in the market?

We have 20 collections, it would probably be a total of 350, but we probably have 1000 fragrances now, because we also work with other companies. I try to have different concepts, but they work and work well together, we try to make fragrances for people of different places, for the conservatives and the revolutionaries, and to adapt to changes in the market.

  • Do you think that the fragrance should evolve with us?

Of course, even with our age, they should change with what we feel, our mood, it is a matter of exercising your nose. In Milan we created In The Darkness and discovered that it happens with the rest of your senses in total darkness, we ask our guests to leave their phones and turn off all the lights and we discovered that in the dark your sense of smell is heightened, you can feel more strongly the smells and discover even the most subtle.

  • What are your fragrances are for men and women alike?

I think that in 20 years we’re not going to have equality, the world is heading to an era in which men and women can go to the same store and buy the same thing (of course, we’re not talking lingerie). We never talk about gender in the perfume and it makes no sense to separate them, if you like a fragrance does not depend on being a man or a woman, I have seen many cases in which women use fragrances and masculine men choose floral fragrances, which were previously reserved for women. In Europe there are separate places in which men and women buy their fragrances, but for me it is not logical, if you like shopping you are a man or a woman.

  • How do you see the future of the fragrances?

Generally speaking we are returning to the times of the quality and in the attention focused on the materials, I think that is a good trend, because what is expected of a perfume no longer is that carry a famous name on the label, consumers are asking questions and are looking for the quality. This trend is everywhere, we are looking for the best in everything, we must expand further in terms of quality and not in quantity.


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