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The benefits of donkey milk are well-known for thousands of years. Its many properties were already much praised in Ancient times by the queens of this world, starting with the great Cleopatra of Egypt. Since 2013, Delphine Boutet, who leads the Asinerie of the Angels, is made from the milk from his donkeys to his own range of beauty products. It is 100 % natural and designed according to the charter of the bio, answers to the name ofAsella Cosmetics. It is made artisanally in his stronghold of the Hollow. «The benefits of donkey milk are very numerous, and largely confirmed by the feedback from my clients. All are satisfied with the texture of my products, their smell and, of course, of the excellent results obtained on the skin. «As said, matter of fact, it is just bluffing.


Sweet, rare and precious, the donkey’s milk is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, D, C, E), which make it a valuable ally in the fight against aging. It also contains minerals and oligo-elements (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, zinc, etc.), fatty acids, biostimulines (immunoglobulins) and alkylglycerols are involved in the immune response. A precious cocktail of the very many virtues. «Donkey’s milk is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, confirms Delphine Boutet. It is both moisturizing, regenerating, depurative, tonic. It is a tensor natural of the skin which, in addition, is effective on disordered skin. «

After the first few applications, the difference is felt. The skin is softer, smoother. And its effects, take place throughout the day. A true happiness. «However, it is also necessary that the products concentrate a sufficient quantity of milk of donkey, the precise Delphine Boutet. Too much cosmetics only contain a very small proportion. The donkey’s milk represent up to 30 % of the composition of the beauty products Asella Cosmetics, which really allows you to take advantage of the virtues of this white gold beauty. «

Complete offer

The range of products Asella Cosmetics has been thought to meet all your needs. Body milk, makeup remover, lotion, micellar, eraser, face, tinted cream, cream for anti-aging, but also know waiting to be used. Other products like a hair mask, a hand cream, and face masks, should not be long in coming to complete the offer. It is available via the website of Asella Cosmetics, but also in a growing number of points of sale. «My clients are not only local, they are now present all over France,» says Delphine Boutet. A success well deserved considering the quality of the proposed.

Asella Cosmetics, all the benefits of donkey's milk - Woman Current 1


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