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With the signing of the Disposal 2827/2017, the National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) has banned the use and marketing of 17 cosmetic products.

In most cases, the decision was taken after verifying that the items “lack of registration with the National Health Authority” and because “it is not know who have been their producers and/or importers“. On the other hand, it established the prohibition of “Splash me”, an effervescent tablet for the tub.

Below, a complete list of restricted products:

A) THEO BODY Oil Biphasic Nutritional x 125 cc, www.theoweb., face: Theo – with oil of grape, wheat germ oil, oleate, chamomile and rosemary essential oil. Made in Argentina. “You can use the oil two-phase to hydrate your body in replacement of the usual cream, to the tips of the hair, for areas of wrinkles, bruises healing processes. Natural ingredients without any animal-derived”.

(B) OLI balm olive oil for lips Violet, cont. 12 g, elab: 5/2015 – plant 100 % natural – – Made in Argentina – Scanu olivicultor.

C) BIOTERRA make-up Remover – Jojoba oil – Castor oil – Petit Grain x 30 ml.

D) CREAM ARGENTINA Argentine Cream – Moisturizing, nourishing and restorative – highly moisturizing, nutritions and repairing – GENUINE ACTIVE natural Cosmetics.

E) orange Blossom natural therapies – BABY Shampoo pH neutral from head to toe – Lavender-Chamomile-Calendula x 200 ml. Vegan.

F) orange Blossom natural therapy – Cream for hands and nails x 125 ml, silicea, oils of calendula, rosehip, almond, lemon, patchouli, lavender. Elab: 20-4-15.

G) orange Blossom natural therapy Cream – Calendula neutral without perfume x 50 ml, Elab: 7-10-15, contains oils of calendula – rosehip. Antiseptic – anti-inflammatory-wound healing-moisturizing.

H) orange Blossom natural therapies Ointment Scar x 50 ml, contains essential oils of lavender-geranium-rosemary-chamomile. Indicated for wounds, minor burns, bumps, bites.

(I) Herbs&Essences bath salt – orange – sea salts aromatized with AE, cont. net 350 grs, E. Elab N° 586, L 08, V 08/16.

J) ETNIKA By Clear Pollach -gourmet – almond – Milk cleaning , V: 9/16.

K) RUCAWILLCU natural Product of the Andean Patagonia – Mauve pañil and cypress. Daily use. Emollient/ anti-inflammatory/ skin conditions/ analgesic and soothing, Vto: OCT 2016, M. S and A. S Res. 156/98 – Leg. 3729.

L) Licina Snail DAMARIS – Cream is stabilized in concentrated protein snail, Vto. 29/05/2017, Lot: 25. “Moisturizing cream with licina spiral DAMARIS x 50 grams, revitalizes the collagen and prevents the formation of wrinkles, rounds out the existing. MS and AS 337/92, Est. Elab. 1780, Industria Argentina”.

M) Argan d Leviteé Argan Oil – nourishes and hydrates the skin – liquid Gold – 100 % pure and natural – 1° pressure cold x 30 ml), Expiration Date: 16/0/2017, Distributed by Global Power S. L. – Avenida Juan Pablo 1° Ed. Garden of the boat – Almuñecar Granada CP 18690, Spain. Distributor Argentina: argandlevitee@yahoo., Tel: 15654337626.

N) GOD BLESS YOU teeth Cleaning – healthy teeth and gums x 50 ml. Recipe magisterial antibacterial for healthy teeth and gums, prevents gingivitis, heals the gums, whitens teeth, fights the bacterial plaque. BE CARE FULL. Origin Argentina – Packaging hand-made by God Bless You-Vto 5/2017.

Or) SPLASH I – Butter Feel Effervescent Tablet – Mango Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil – aroma mango – Bellab
Natural Cosmetics, Industry-Argentina Cont. net 10 gr,, www.bel-lab., Congress 1590 8A – CABA.

P) Collagen Skin Renewal Mask L AFFAIR, 3 step. Rainbow Beauty USA/CHINA/KOREA, Made in Korea. L 4JJF V 20171005. RAINBOW 3 step
mask packs. Step 1: cleansing foam facial. Step 2: blister high functional. Step 3: mask skin renewal. Origin South Korea. Valid date: 05/OCT/2017 cont. net 25 ml.

Q) HAND CREAM-NATURAL ALOE – moisturizing & soft -lift care – natural perfume – DABO eco life style x 100 ml. DABO Natural Aloe Hand Cream (aloe / natural, hydrating, and gentle. Origin: South Korea. Valid date: 04/JAN/2018, DAL2F.


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