And if our toothpastes were toxic ? She

More and more consumers expect transparency from brands. Because the forms of our everyday products may be a surprise. After the scandal of the aluminium present in deodorants, here are our toothpastes that are challenged by » Hello Products «, an american brand specialized in oral care natural and vegan. In a video, the firm lists the hazardous ingredients present in our pasta to the teeth, such as propylene glycol or saccharin.


Of controversial ingredients

Propylene glycol is often used in low dose in the food industry as an emulsifier or in the place of glycerin in cosmetics but it is also used in the aerospace industry as antifreeze and is very toxic. Saccharin, is a former artificial sweetener more concentrated than sugar. He was for many years controversial, since that is suspected of destroying the intestinal microbiota in other words, the micro-organisms present in our intestines and help the smooth functioning of our body.

The solution : the toothpaste home ?

To remedy to this fundamental distrust, a lot of individuals embark on the slow cosmetics and the home-made or the products that say organic and/or natural. Even if, remember, the natural is to be taken with a grain of salt because the more easily allergen, there are many recipes for brushing teeth effectively and without fear. The other solution : download an app capable of detecting the bad ingredients in our products such as Clean Beauty.


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