All that the arnica can do for your body –

It is the case of arnica, a plant used since the Middle Ages and whose properties make it very useful in the world of cosmetics and personal care. These are:

  • Analgesic: relieves the pain of sprains, bruises and bumps.
  • Anti-inflammatory: next and reduces the temporary swelling from injuries and bruises thanks to a compound called helenalina.
  • Antimicrobial: fights irritations of the skin.
  • The circulatory system: thanks to its power rubefacient, stimulates the blood circulation in the area of application, which makes that disappear before hematomas and bruises.

In the world of cosmetics, arnica has an important role in those products intended to calm the inflammation. For example, there are massage oils, in dry ideal for massaging on aching areas or even present swelling post-surgery, as it helps to soothe the area thanks to its heat effect. He is also a protagonist in those cosmetic-type “energizers”, perfect for after practicing sport as calm down the inflammation natural muscles and joints that have been subjected to training and tone up.

The arnica is also present in creams for tired legs, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, and propulsion of the blood circulation. When this plant is combined with other such as aloe vera or menthol, the cooling effect is enhanced and the feeling of well-being and comfort in the legs is greater.

Of course, the arnica is one of the key ingredients in the creams antirigidez thanks to its analgesic and circulatory. If you suffer from arthrosis, arthritis, lesions in cartilage or inflammation in general, in any joint, we will work very well to soothe the pain and return flexibility to the area. In these cases, it is recommended that the cream combines arnica with glucosamine sulfate, an active ingredient that protects the joints and provides elasticity to the cartilage, and if it can be, with white willow, also analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Content developed in collaboration with Monica Lizondo, pharmaceutical and co-founder of Farmaconfianza.

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