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Add to that the charity events by Commodore - The Newspaper of Madryn 1When you still feel the consequences of the inclemency of the weather, the lack of water in many parts of the city, Trelew continues to demonstrate their solidarity in front of the most affected; this Saturday, from 15 hours, will take place the folk festival “Trelew Solidarity” to collaborate with the victims for the temporary in Comodoro Rivadavia and some villages of the plateau province. For the organization of the same are working together the Municipality of Trelew, through the Secretariat of Coordination of Territorial Development and the coordination of Social Economy, and of Inclusive Policy and Cultural Action, sports bodies of the city and local entrepreneurs.
The event will count with the participation of professors of the fitness Decathlon, which will provide zumba classes, and sports activities equipment. Thomas Malerva, owner of the sporting body noted that “we are always willing to help in all charity events, with our team of teachers and trainers to add a sporty alternative”. He also thanked “the invitation of the mayor Adrian Maderna and secretary José Giménez for the opportunity to participate in and help the people who were affected by the rain.”
For his part, John Olive, professor and trainer, emphasized that “being a gym always worked with different entities and with the Municipality to put our grain of sand and help people through the sport, which is what we put in”. He also stated that “in this event we’re going to add zumba classes and dances for the whole family, because it is intended for children, young people, grandparents and people with different abilities and from Madryn will come the professor Fabián Acuña to perform aerobic activities. In addition will be the athlete with different abilities, Lili Mendez, who these days is training to participate in the qualifiers of the World Rafting 2018.
Also, Franco Toñeti, professor of spinning thanked “to the Municipality for the invitation”, and was glad to “be able to participate with the team in the gym for a worthy cause, and perform spinning, where those who come will be able to do an activity working across the bottom of the body with the bicycle”. Also, Miriam García Zumba teacher invited all the neighbors to collaborate with those affected by the rain and encouraged to perform a physical activity in family and have fun.
“There will be musical numbers and artistic,” said Gonzalo Avellaneda member of the Secretariat of Coordination of Territorial Development and the opportunity to take the stage “The Bandits of the South”, Group Ñara, the Breeze, The Band of Joseph, the Ballet Asongué, “Combined”, among others.
“Present artistic performances of local, of different styles,” said Avellaneda at the time that he invited “everyone to join this move of solidarity to help the people of the plateau and province of Comodoro Rivadavia”. He also thanked “mayor Adrian Maderna, the municipal clerk José Giménez, the coordinators Daniel, Neil and Daniel Chingoleo, for the support to carry this initiative forward in solidarity, and to the entrepreneurs and teachers who joined the proposal.”
Will also be part of the activity of more than 60 entrepreneurs who regularly display their products at the fair Ride Trelew First, and will display a great variety of crafts and design in wood, loom, bijouterie, leather, ceramics, silver jewelry, doll making, natural cosmetics, cake black, thread easter, chocolate, pickles, liqueurs, oils flavored, among others.
The organizers of the event invite all neighbors to come to share and enjoy the activities of “Trelew Solidarity”, for which the request for the donation of various items of cleaning, non-perishable food, warm clothing, and all items that will be useful to collaborate with people who suffered complications product the temporary.

“United by the Commodore”

On the other hand, with the organization of the Culture area of the Municipality, the young singer Denis Benditti is presented this Wednesday night in an event to benefit those affected by the storm. In the festival called “United by Commodore”, Benditti, offered a varied repertoire. The people who saw the show came up non-perishable food, cleaning supplies and warm clothing.
After his participation in this show of solidarity, which are materialized in facilities of the Municipal Cultural Center, Benditti highlighted the participation of the people: “The response from the public was beautiful, because in the event we did between all. They gathered food and clothing also. The proceeds will be taken probably this weekend at some evacuation centre, what is important is that you are going to reach directly to the people that need it”. He stressed that: “we did several songs, folk, Latin, cumbia, commercial, country rock, everything I was learning with my guitar since I was eight years old.” Finally he thanked the area of Culture the city: “they supported me, gave the space, collaborated with the sound. They gave us a great helping hand to the people of Commodore”.

Will continue to suspended the activities of the area municipal education

The Coordinator of Education of the Municipality of Trelew announced that they will be suspended the activities in the kindergartens municipal, youth centers, Municipal School of Crafts (EMA), as well as courses and workshops that depend on the area, until power is restored normally for the supply of drinking water.
In this sense, the Education coordinator Olga Vincent pointed out that “there will be no activity until Friday”, then “during the next few days we will continue to analyse the situation to resume the service of education.”
It is important to mention that the measure applies to kindergartens, municipal youth centers, school of crafts, courses and workshops, dependent on the municipality.


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