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If the crisis of adolescence, the acne may remain, even after 25 years. What can you do against this concern the time of day ?

Acne: the gestures natural to treat pimples - FemininBio 1

Acne is a disease of the skin characterized by the appearance of pimples on the face. This evil is often associated with teenagers and puberty, but did you know that 40% of women over 25 are affected by acne so-called “adult” ? Unfortunately, even once adolescence has passed, many women still face this evil which can cause a deep discomfort, morality in everyday life.

Where is the acne?

These imperfections and red buttons oh how annoying are of various origins : acne hereditary due to the genes, acne hormonal caused by a change in hormonal often at the approach of menstruation, acne due to stress because the skin is closely related to the nervous system and the moral impact on our entire organism, including what is happening on our skin. Finally, acne contact also called acne cosmetics is caused by cosmetics that are unsuitable for your skin type.

Acne : to treat it naturally by adopting the right gestures

1. Avoid detergents which are sulfated in your cosmetics

The first thing to do is to ask you about the cosmetic products that you use. A skin acne is a sensitive skin that may react very strongly to what you put on it. I talk about it for some time, but the detergents, sulfated, more known under the names of Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfate are to exclude them from your products of hygiene and care. In fact, they irritate, dry out and gentle on your skin by altering the hydrolipidic film (a mixture of oil and water produced naturally by the skin to protect it).

2. Ban cosmetics with mineral oils

I also suggest you to carefully examine the ingredient list of your skin care and discount your beauty routine, all the products containing paraffin or petroleum jelly , as well as all the other derivatives of the petrochemical industry. These have an effect of occlusive and clog the pores, which causes the appearance of buttons.

3. Clean and remove makeup from her skin with delicacy

It is important to clean a skin acne smooth. It avoids the disks of cotton waste that are bleached with chlorine and that participate in an irritation of the skin. It focuses on a make-up removal oil vegetable organic like Jojoba oil perfect for all skin types, and the floral water to remove excess oil, perfect make-up removal and to calm redness.

4. Choosing a facial anti-acne with natural ingredients

Finally, opt for a cream face anti-acne 100% natural and organic. Your day to day care should be equipped with the active anti-bacterial with for example the essential oil of Tea Tree (Melaleuca Ternifolia), anti-inflammatory, such as the essential Oil of true Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) very effective for skins prone to acne.

Expert : Anne-Marie Gabelica is an engineer agronomist degree in biochemistry. She has created a oOlution, the 1st range of care face-to-measure, with a base of more than 65 active 100 % organic, certified vegan, non-derivative, palm oil, and eco-designed.


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