A thermometer politician for the new management republicana – LA NACION (Argentina)

WASHINGTON.-To treat social and economic processes, the policy tends to have a lot of intangible. Of matter ungraspable, beyond the statistical data, which, as such, are not the things in themselves, but on their measurement.

That, without counting with the addition of that, lately, statistics and surveys do not have the best reputation. A discredit subscriber, among other reasons, by the manipulation of these politicians do. Used selectively, as appropriate to the situation.

Without such materiality, the policy is expressed in perceptions. Is perceived to be a good or bad politician, depending on how it reaches the heart, the pocket and the everyday life of the voters.

Possibly because of his past as a builder, Donald Trump has just put cement all of that. Cement, bricks, meter, and wire. With the announcement of the promise star of his presidency, the mogul just to give materiality to the success or failure of their management.

From now on, the wall with Mexico, which rose to the level of Nemesis to his neighbor, has just become their symbol and, possibly, in ballast, if you do not get in brief two things.

This is, that the wall breakthrough in meters, brick, wall, concrete and material. And that Mexico repay the millions that this monumental work will require. A wall that does not yet have a plane, or travel, or budget is because the rod more evident to measure the mogul in its management.

Much remains to be done and this is why so many were counting last night that such work would be his worst ghost.

«The wall still has no form. But it has already totally altered the perception of the united States», said yesterday Frederick Brown, analyst in immigration issues at the University of Arizona.

«The building itself is already a problem. But I see much more complex still to make Mexico pay for that, as is still insisting the president», warned John Towers, a former official of the Border Patrol in this country and, today, analyst on security issues.

The work that the tycoon republican installed in the collective imaginary, it is pharaonic. «A physical barrier» that divides the two nations, separated today by a border of 3142 km (1030 miles already have a fence), which in some stretches runs through the rivers and mountains of difficult access.

The megaobra by that measured Trump already exists in the third part of that journey. Over the last fifteen years were built already 1100 miles of boundary physics. In some cases, a palisade. In another, a barbed-wire fence. What form will the future wall of the mogul? No one has any idea.

All of this pays a second hypothesis. That, as many of the buildings that are «recycled» throughout his life entrepreneur and real estate, the fence could have a future similar. «A little bit of paint on what already exists and, at the top, a sign that says Trump,» said Maria Cardona, a democrat.

Without the sarcasm, but in the same direction cosmetic, others point to the idea that the wall will be more «symbolic» than anything else. «Today, there are methods much more effective to control a border that a simple wall,» said Juliette Kayven, analyst on security issues.

It is a concept that as she partook of communion the official -according to the president – will be in charge of «leading» forces to «curb illegal immigration». When she surrendered before the Congress, general John Kelly said more or less the same thing: that in any case the wall would be a complement to methods much more modern.

Be that as it may, you will have to respect international treaties with Mexico, according to which any construction watershed can alter the course of the natural division. This is the rio Grande river, which separates the country throughout the entire state of Texas, and the Colorado river, in a portion of the boundary with the state of Arizona.

No one knows where it will go or what it looks like. But, by his own decision, the wall has already done considerable damage on the regional relationship and is projected, in addition, as the thermometer the more palpable of the management of Trump. The wall that consecrates. Or ballast as pure masonry. Without content.


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