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Surfing on this wave, the big names of the cosmetic do not hesitate to invest to provide formulae more natural, and increasing effectiveness at very competitive prices.

This is particularly the case in the hair products or, after the boom of the «no-poo» (a tendency to be very brave, which was to not wash hair at all), the «low-poo» is progressing with formulas and more effective. We tested some for you and here are our favorites, including a couple of real beatings of the heart.

5 shampoos that play the card of natural tested for you - the avenir.net 1

It is a real collector that we offer you to (re)discover. Created 40 years ago by Laboratoires Bioderma, NODÉ for (principle of NOn-Detergent) is a light shampoo and fluid that respects the balance of scalps the most sensitive.

Such a water-micellar, it eliminates the impurities gently, while preserving the hydrolipidic film of the scalp.

Silicone-free and sulfate-free, it can be used every day and leaves hair clean and light.

We particularly like the fact that the hair is very soft after use and do not require the application of a condition to disentangle.

10, 10€ (200 ml.)

5 shampoos that play the card of natural tested for you - the avenir.net 2

This range is a real small miracle for those who would like to stop using chemicals without dragging a mop of dull or, worse, not clear.

At first glance, it looks like a small bottle of smoothie: a true invitation to gourmet.

However, contrary to what its name may suggest, Biolage is not a brand of organic product but the range R. A. W. is designed with green chemistry, which focuses on the design of products that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.

Through natural formulas, these shampoos and care have been able to find the ingredients best suited to get the best performance (coconut, clay, coriander, grapefruit, quinoa, honey, yucca, goji berry, black sesame, etc.).

Result: the hair is not only clean and soft but also immediately repaired in depth. To note that each of the bottles is made from post consumer recycled plastic.

Exists in three variations for dry hair and dull hair stressed and sensitized hair thin. Shampoos (19, 54€ – 325 ml.) – Care nourishing (24, 58€). Only available in the hairdressing salons Matrix.

5 shampoos that play the card of natural tested for you - the avenir.net 3

Using 98% natural ingredients (a formula biodegradable to 99%, sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free), the range Will have Botanica of Kérastase is key to the purpose and puts forward a policy of responsible and sustainable.

In effect, all products in the line contain argan oil and coconut oil of natural origin and certified fair trade and solidary. These oils reflect the history of communities working to improve their lives.

Organic coconut oil comes from the Islands of Samoa where coconut is considered as a source of life and is entirely used. Argan oil bio comes from the hills of the Little Atlas in Morocco. Kérastase has called Targanine, a community project that helps the berber women local to meet the needs of their family by providing them with literacy classes and daycare for young children. The project carries on the traditions of the life of the village while helping to preserve the fragile ecosystem of the Argan forest, which is part of a biosphere reserve of UNESCO.

Result: hair is clean and nourished thanks to the care fundamental to use after the bath micellar (essential if you want to detangle your hair without breaking). A real clean feeling without the heaviness.

Bath micellar: 23, 40€ (250 ml.) and primary care 31, 70€ (200 ml.)

5 shampoos that play the card of natural tested for you - the avenir.net 4

Elsève has developed three formulas complete and non-foaming to wash and nourish hair in depth.

Much closer to the «no-poo», this cream poses for a few minutes on the front hair to be detangled with a wide toothed comb and rinsed thoroughly. If we liked the softness of the product, is not totally convinced of the outcome that leaves the film slightly oily on the hair.

5, 99€ (400 ml.)

5 shampoos that play the card of natural tested for you - the avenir.net 5

One side oil, the other a cream that combine to clean and nourish the hair smoothly. This shampoo is laying on damp hair and foam very little.

It is particularly suitable for hair very dry which need to be intensively fed. The normal hair or with a tendency to regraisser easily runs under penalty of look like a bowl of noodles and fat.

35€ (150 ml.)


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