5 Exercises That Burn Stubborn Belly Fat In Less Than A Month

Belly or abdominal fat can be annoying when it interferes with your dress size, yet; it’s much more serious than that. The type of fat deposited inside your abdomen cavity is known as visceral fat, which is the most life-threatening type of fat. This type of fat often wraps itself around the internal organs found along the abdomen, which increases our risk of developing diseases. Research has linked visceral fat to the development of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and even the development of certain cancers. If you want to protect and improve your health, the best way to start is by exercising.
If you’re looking for the top five effective exercises that aid the loss of belly fat, you’re in the right place. Below we’ve highlighted the top five that you should consider as you begin your weight loss journey. 1. Raised Hand Crunches
2.Reverse Crunches
3.Jackknife Crunches
4.Vertical leg crunch 5.Side To Side Leg Raises music credit
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